Cosmo gives bad dating advice best online dating reviews

Some of the sex tips I’ve seen and read about in their magazine, like tugging at pubic hair and treating an erect penis like a joystick, have literally made me cringe.To this day I can’t understand why any person in their right mind would want to try such things, but regardless, it seems like a lot of women are buying into it. Or how about when you do actually manage to talk to the guy and end up babbling like some kind of uncontrollable moron, because you don’t know what to say and you’re afraid of awkward silences? “Pull out a copy of the Kama Sutra from your bag and say, ‘Would you be interested in joining my book club? Come on, Cosmo, I thought you were wilder than that. Yeah I think I might’ve gotten hypothermia……..” is not flirting. I absolutely, 100% guarantee that the guy is going to think that you’re giving him a go-ahead to grope your lovely lady lumps, because guys only hear what they want to hear. “At a bar or coffeehouse, use the tip of your tongue to lick beer or espresso foam from your lip.” Espresso Foam Mustaches: Helping People Get it On Since the 1970s. “At a restaurant, ask if you can borrow his salt shaker — even if you have to cross the room to get it.” Salt shaker? Buying somebody a drink is kind of pointless if that person then takes the drink and leaves to go make out with someone in the bathroom. “Enlist him to guard the door to the ladies’ room.”…………. “Stroll over to a bored boy and inform him that you’re from social search-and-rescue. Since I could not accurately assess whether the dildo felt any pain or pleasure, I did not perform any tips involving “biting,” “volleying,” or “slapping” penises or scrotums.Other than that, the tips were fairly genderless or easy to simulate.” With a little nerve, a supportive and willing partner, and a high tolerance for humiliation, I aimed to find out whether these sexy tips would, as proffered, “throw his disco stick a party he'd never forget" or if it would simply involve a lot of embarrassment and unnecessary laundry.

So it’s only natural that we all turn to advice to help us, and for many girls, Cosmo seems to be the go-to source for flirting tips. “At a café, dip your finger in your dessert, put it in your mouth, and slowly pull it out while eyeing a hot guy.” Please don’t try this with an ice cream cone. Stir things up and offer him a sample of your special potion.” You know that Cosmo has shitty flirting tips when they’re resorting to telling girls to roofie their potential dates. Flirting may be hard, but let’s not make it even more complicated than it needs to be.IE “ I took a sick day and my career didn't even call to see how I was doing or make me any soup..”, “My career has been interviewing other candidates. Just wear a nice blouse or a Hillary Clinton power suit… This one’s about flirting with your hot co-worker by making silly gestures and googly eyes at him, but then never sleeping with him and just constantly fantasying about it.I've been trying to dress extra sexy for it, but nothing seems to work." This article should be about confidence in the workplace and taking chances to move up in the career of your dreams, but instead it’s just about how wearing high heels in the office makes you look “fierce”…. The article will then go on to argue that your fav panties will make you feel powerful and confident and that even though no one will see them they are important. What actually happens is you both get drunk at a work function one night and end up sleeping together and then feel awkward about it for the rest of the time you both work at the company. The interview is just about what foods they pretend they eat and how they like to travel. You just look at the pictures in which they are sitting shirtless in a cubicle.It just goes to show how far most women are willing to go to feel like a pro at sex, or, as perfectly puts it “have him drowning in drool.” Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?Check out the 15 most disturbing pieces of sex advice that Cosmo has ever published. Sprinkle a little pepper under his nose right before he climaxes.

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